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What Is the Trade-In Value of My Car?

Before you upgrade to one of our new or used vehicles, you’ll want to determine the answer to, “What is the trade-in value of my car?” Fortunately, we’ve got a professional and friendly team with plenty of knowledge to assist. Combine that with our easy-to-use trade-in tool, and it’s never been easier to upgrade your Las Vegas daily driver.

But, why should you trade in your car with us? Instead of dealing with potential shoppers driving your vehicle, you can simply bring your vehicle into our dealership, and we’ll take care of everything for you. From the trade-in appraisal to the complicated paperwork, you can count on Jaguar Henderson to assist. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re going to help you answer the following questions regarding trade-ins:

  • What is the trade-in value of my car?
  • Can I trade in my car with negative equity?
  • How do I trade in my car at Jaguar Henderson?

Can I Trade in My Car With Negative Equity?

So, can you trade-in your car with negative equity? In most cases, yes! If you’ve got an experienced finance team behind your back, like the one at our dealership, you’ll be able to roll that negative equity over to your new vehicle loan. However, keep in mind that this isn’t always possible, so you’ll want to work with your lender near Boulder City to determine your next steps.

Not sure what equity is? Equity is the difference between your vehicle’s trade-in value and the amount of money you owe left on your auto loan. Negative equity is when your auto loan is higher than your vehicle’s worth. If your vehicle’s value is higher than your auto loan, then you have positive equity. No matter your situation, we can help you with your trade-in process!

How to Trade in Your Car at Jaguar Henderson

We strive to make the trade-in process as easy as possible at our dealership. From beginning to end, we promise to be there for you and answer any questions you have along the process. Here’s how to trade in your car at our dealership:

  1. Begin by determining your trade-in value. Our trade-in tool is easy to use, and you can even fill it out from the comfort of your own Pahrump home.
  2. Browse through our inventory and find something that fits your needs.
  3. Schedule a trade-in appointment, and be sure to have all the necessary paperwork.
  4. After we give your vehicle a thorough look and factor in the market among other things, we’ll make a trade-in offer.
  5. If you accept our trade-in offer, we’ll help you complete the paperwork, and you can be on your way!

Get Started On Your Trade-In Today!

Ready to upgrade your Henderson travels? Visit Jaguar Henderson today, and we’ll help you upgrade your ride. If you have any questions, please let us know how we can help!